Florida Teen Arrested For Tweeting Threats About Rape Of Little Girls

A Florida teen has learned the hard way that it is not a joke to tweet about rape. Not at all.

The 15-year-old Miramar, Florida, teen posted a series of threatening tweets about the rape of children to the Miami Police Department’s Twitter page. Apparently, he didn’t think anyone was paying attention. That is until the police showed up on his doorstep. That is when he found out how un-funny his rape tweets really were.

According to NBC Miami, the tweets came from a person who identified himself as “Infamous Princess.” The first tweet said, “@MiamiPD I’m bout. to rape a lil girl high asf Hahahahahahhahahahahahaaayyahayya,” sent by @5kurr.

Another tweet appeared on the Miami PD Twitter page less than an hour later: “@MiamiPD you guys I have been out here taking lillte [sic] girls and I hear no sirens?Um my avi don’t scare you.”

He just couldn’t stop himself from his increasing display of bone-headedness and decided to taunt the officers yet again. The Daily News reports another malicious tweet from the so-called Princess: “I’m about to rape my little brother and put it on YouTube.”

Much to the unnamed minor’s surprise and chagrin, the police WERE watching. According to Maj. Delrish Moss of the Miami Police Department, he had “said some pretty crazy things, things that caused us concern.”

That is when officers showed up at the apartment where the young man lives with his parents. He tried to get out of it by telling the police that the tweets threatening to rape little children were just a joke. The arresting officers weren’t laughing when they arrested him for making a false police report, a third-degree felony that carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, or in his case, juvenile lock-up, as well as a possible fine of up to $10,000.

His parents aren’t laughing either. They declined to comment to NBC Miami reporters.

Neighbor Walter Santos was asked if the rape tweeter typically seemed like a “prankster.” He replied, “Every time I see him, he behaves normal, like a normal kid.”

“He needs to be made an example of, because you just can’t do this,” says Maj. Moss. “Social media means social responsibility.”

Some people apparently don’t see it that way, discovering the hard way that what one tweets or otherwise posts on social media can come back to bite them in the hind quarters of regret, such as the cocky alleged drug dealer written about earlier this week by The Inquisitr. He posted selfies of himself with drugs, with money in a plastic baggie next to a cop car, which led to another photo being taken of him – his mug shot.

The Florida teenager is hopefully learning his lesson: rape is not something to joke about, even in a tweet, ever.

The Miami Police Department posted a tweet of its own on May 16 – a copy of the teen’s arrest report, along with the message: “#Miami Police actually monitors their #twitter page!”

[images via Miami PD Twitter and bing]

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