Alleged Drug Dealer Posts Facebook Selfie Next To Cop Car, Guess What Happened?

A drug-related selfie posted to Facebook may not be the best career move.

In fact, it could instead constitute a case of what some refer to generically as selfie regret.

A suspected drug dealer in Florida who police claim boasted about his activities on Facebook was busted by an undercover officer for — you guessed it — drug dealing.

The Facebook selfie above seems to speak for itself. Another one of the suspect’s selfies posted to Facebook allegedly appears to depict him in a car handling a drug stash in a baggie and a wad of cash right next to a police cruiser. See below.

On its own Facebook page, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office subsequently added some additional images to the collection:

“These are photos of 21-year old Taylor Harrison of Port St. Lucie bragging on his Facebook page about his life as a drug dealer and how easy it is for him to sell drugs in front of our deputies. The first photo Taylor took himself as he pulled alongside one of our deputies. The second photo is a selfie of Taylor with stacks of drug cash and drugs that he says he sells. Notice next to his car, is a patrol car…”

The Sheriff’s office goes on to add a photo of what purports to be the undercover transaction in question as well as a booking photo. The suspect was charged with selling drugs to undercover narcotics detectives. “Since Taylor was kind of enough to share photos of us on his Facebook page, we thought we would share these photos of Taylor on our page. Taylor’s bond is $55,500,” explained the sheriff’s Facebook posting.

Reportedly he was charged with a prior drug misdemeanor earlier this year.

In 2013, the Oxford University Press declared selfie the word of the year and added it to the online version of the Oxford Dictionary.

According to a recent Harris online poll of around 2,000 adults, about 25 percent admitted to selfie regret after posting a photo on social media as “perhaps a symptom of our culture of oversharing.”

In addition to anything else that might or might not be established, do you think this individual is guilty of oversharing?

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