Unemployed Man Will Let You Hunt Him For $10,000

James Johnson

Mork Encino, 28, was sick of being unemployed so he decided to start his own business, allowing people with $10,000 to hunt him like a wild animal for sport.

On his website, huntme4sport.com, he is offering “hearty gentlemen who fancy themselves sportsmen” the chance to hunt him down and even kill him should they so choose.

Mork says of his abilities:

“I am a new breed of prey with thick pelt and smooth hide," while adding, “I’m faster than a wild turkey, smart as any GODDAMN wild boar, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the monetary health of my family.”

While he says the hunting challenge isn't a joke, he hopes a real job offer will arrive first so he doesn't get "shot in the face."

Encino calls the website and hunting offer a "job application" and in this economy some people might be willing to kill for the chance to "interview" him...literally.