'The Mentalist' Spoilers: 'A Very Satisfying Finale' For Lisbon And Jane In Season 6

With the wait finally over, fans of The Mentalist get to see how season 6 ends with Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robyn Tunney). Will they declare themselves and work on a future together or will Lisbon accept a proposal from Agent Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal)? Whatever the answer, show creator Bruno Heller says viewers will see "a very satisfying finale."

Speaking to TV Guide about Sunday night's finale, Bruno Heller, Simon Baker, and Robyn Tunney hint at how things turn out in the end.

As Christian Post noted of the CBS synopsis for this week's "Blue Bird" episode: Lisbon must decide to either move with Agent Pike to Washington, D.C. and accept his marriage proposal -- or stay behind with uncertainty in the hopes that Jane feels the same way about her as she does about him.

Robyn Tunney tells TV Guide that her character is taking a huge risk by staying behind instead of going to Washington, D.C.:

"It's a big decision. There's somebody who's sort of declaring themselves, and I think there's something really flattering about that.... That's there on the table and it's real. [Should she be] holding off on that for something that's sort of not real and you're sort of wondering if it's been an imagined thing, or one-sided? I've been inviting Jane to declare himself and he hasn't."
Baker shares his thoughts on the Lisbon/Jane pairing. He recalls several years of flirtation and closeness that the two have had. Season 6 of The Mentalist dealt heavily with the Red John storyline, as a related Inquisitr article recapped. Major distractions at work make it the perfect getaway from facing personal feelings, which is what Red John provided for Jane.

Baker says:

"The most effective way to illustrate the idea of getting back into being a human again, is giving yourself to another person, or making yourself vulnerable to another person. And I think [Jane's] obviously really afraid of doing that. He's had this kind of relationship with Lisbon — you could call it a flirtation of sorts over the years, and a comfort and a confidence. But to actually declare himself to her is a major step of getting back into the real world and being human again. I think that's the problem. He's afraid of, what does that mean? Does everything change?"
Heller is confident fans will be happy with The Mentalist season 6 finale:
"There's something very valuable in the friendship they have, which is sort of based on silence, and not speaking. Certainly for Jane, there was something comforting and secure about a relationship in which he didn't have to reveal himself.... If you haven't swum for a long time, getting in the water seems like a huge step. And protecting yourself as he has been doing becomes its own end."
And adds:
"I think the fans will think of it as a very satisfying finale. We're very happy with where we've taken them."
In a new promo clip for the finale episode, Jane definitely plans to declare his feelings to Lisbon when he arranges for a romantic dinner. Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) and Cho (Tim Kang) arrive on the scene, putting a major dent in Jane's evening. All three are reading their menus when Jane looks up and sees Lisbon descending down the staircase. She looks happy and beautiful; all the while Jane has a longing smile.

Will Lisbon and Jane finally get together at the end of the show?

The Mentalist season 6 finale, "Blue Bird," airs Sunday night at 10 pm, ET/PT on CBS.

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