Calvin Harris Knows Rita Ora Better Than Anyone

Calvin Harris reportedly knows his girlfriend better than anyone else on the planet.

Rita Ora has nothing but fantastic things to say about the DJ these days. If she’s not spilling the beans on how irresistibly hot he is in the studio, she’s telling everyone how Harris inspired her hit single “I Will Never Let You Down.” In fact, guys around the world are probably tired of hearing about the infinite wonders of Calvin Harris.

Unfortunately for those who are sick of the mushy stuff, Ora shared even more info about her relationship with Harris during a chat with the Daily Record. Stop us if you’re heard this one before: Calvin Harris is quite possibly the best human being on the planet.

The singer gushed:

“”Writing a song like [‘I Will Never Let You Down’] is one of the sweetest things anyone could do because it pinpointed how I felt. I spend a lot of time with him, so he knows me better than anyone else. It felt so perfect for me. It’s about not forgetting to enjoy yourself. Sometimes I forget to do that.”

If you’re choking on all this sweetness, then you might want to avoid the next Calvin Harris-oriented quote that Rita Ora recently coughed up. The Fifty Shades of Grey actress told the Mirror that Harris inspired her to do more than write the aforementioned single. Hint: It involves oral hygiene.

Ora explained:

“Y’know I opened my eyes to reality almost. It changed everything, from how I would wake up in the morning and brush my teeth before that person wakes up, I would do girly things I never did before. I am normally the manly-ish girl on the planet. Things were changing for the better. There are times when we are different sides of the world and you get really lonely and you think ‘oh no, I hope that person doesn’t think I am wasting my time or his time.” The song is my way of saying ‘y’know we can figure it out.”

Chances are you’ll find Rita Ora hanging around Las Vegas more often in the coming months. The Inquisitr previously reported that Calvin Harris was recently offered a whopping $10 million to spend a bit more time in Sin City. This is just $2 million shy of the paycheck Britney Spears is reportedly getting to extend her stay at Planet Hollywood.

Are you surprised that Calvin Harris and his girlfriend are so happy together?

[Image via The Nation’s Beat]