Mud Bog Had Something Alive In It, Cops Are Surprised At What They Find [Video]

Pluto Dog

A mud puddle seemed to be a normal sight in Pennsylvania, but when two police officers thought they saw something alive in there they thought it best to investigate.

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Speaking of which, a dog is exactly what the cops found when they investigated the mud bog further. Willistown Township police sergeant Mike Martin and patrol officer Mike Kushner realized that 13-year-old Australian Sheppard named Pluto was stuck up to its neck in the mud bog and was struggling to survive.

Dog owner Sheila Shorr said Pluto had been missing for two and half days and had become encased in a two foot deep mud pit set in a creek not too far from home. By the time the police officers found the poor dog, Kushner says the dog had about given up after struggling for around 60 hours:

“We just knew we had to get the dog out of there. It was in distress. It wasn’t really moving a whole lot. It just followed us with its eyes, so it was exhausted. I just pictured my own dog and what I would want somebody to do and that’s to go get it.”

The cops used used boards to reach Pluto but it still took the strength of both men to yank the dog from the muck. Shorr says Pluto still walks with a limp and has some sores and matted hair from the ordeal, but otherwise vets say the dog will be alright:

“[Dogs] have so much heart and soul. This was a dream come true on top of a dream come true to find him and have help come right away.”

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