Tara The Cat Celebrated By Throwing The First Pitch At A Baseball Game [Video]

Tara the cat is being celebrated by the community by allowing the heroic feline to “throw” the first pitch at a local minor league baseball game.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Tara the cat is famous for saving the family’s son from a vicious dog attack, and the amazing act of heroism was caught on camera. After all, how often do you a see a cat chasing a dog?

Mother Erika Triantafilo explained exactly how Tara the cat saved her son Jeremy:

“Well he just got off the bus and it was kind of breezy and he wanted to fly a kite. And we tried to get it up with no success. And he was just playing outside a little bit, and I was watering some plants before we headed on in. The next thing I know, the dog was just there, and it was shaking him. Before I could even get there, my cat clobbered him. She saved the day. Chased him away, and came back to him after the dog was gone. I just chased the dog away — tried to get it away from my son – away from everyone, and get him taken care of.”

In this case, getting the dog “taken care of” involved the owner surrendering his 8-month-old male Labrador-Chow mix to the Bakersfield Animal Care Center. Bakersfield police Sgt. Joe Grubbs says the dog is “not adoptable, for obvious reasons,” and they plan to euthanize the dog after it has been quarantined for 10 days.

The cat, on the on other hand, is going to be celebrated by all. As it turns out, the family says Tara the cat was a stray that they adopted six years ago. In general, Tara is described as being mellow and they were surprised at the cat’s reaction to their son being attacked. In response, the family released a one-minute clip, titled My Cat Saved My Son, onto YouTube and it’s since received millions of views.

The next step in raising the celebrity status of Tara the cat is to allow the feline to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a local minor league baseball game hosted by the Bakersfield Blaze. Tara will of course receive an assist from the family, but it’s possible that on May 20 Tara the cat will be the first ever cat to start off a baseball game.

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