Truck Driving Video: Semi Almost Flips Over From The Wind, Experts Say It Was ’70 Percent Divine Intervention, 30 Percent Skill’

A truck driving video that went viral this week shows a semi truck almost flipping over from the wind in Kansas but the quick reactions of the driver enabled him to save the truck from a nasty crash. (Warning: Before you watch the video, be aware that it has strong language contained within.)

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a mother fainted while driving a SUV an eight-year-old kept it on the road… but did not know how to stop. Boston police have been asking their drivers to “use yah blinkah” in a real highway sign.

While watching the video may be amazing for the average Joe, the reactions of other truckers should tell us how badly it could have gone otherwise. Jeff Steinberg, owner and driving instructor at APEX CDL Institute in De Soto, Kansas, says the “driver deserves a medal” and says that type of skill can’t be taught through training:

“That was a great driving maneuver there. He did the only thing you could do, which was a perfect reaction to turn in the wind. There’s no way to actually teach that.”

Richard Noeller, who runs and teaches at the Kansas Truck Driving School in Wichita, was a little bit more critical of the driver in the video, saying it was “70 percent divine intervention and 30 percent skill”:

“I really thought it was going to go on over when I first seen it. And then I seen the steering axle and I was kind of critiquing it. The steering axle’s already started its maneuver. And as that tractor pivots around the centrifugal force is going to toss the trailer back. He definitely had some skill. I’m not taking anything away from the driver.”

What do you think about the truck driving video; skill or divine intervention?