‘Use Yah Blinkah’, Boston Police Asks Drivers On Highway, Sign Goes Viral

Have you ever been annoyed by drivers not using their blinkers to change lanes? Boston police were trying to get motorists to follow the law and came up with the humorous sign reading “Use yah blinkah.” They obviously struck a chord with the public, and the story has gone viral.

The photo was captured on Interstate 93 in Boston on May 9, and people are definitely paying attention to social media. In case you didn’t know where the classic accent came from, Bostonians have a way of finishing words ending in “er” with “ah” instead.

If you search for “use yah blinkah” on Twitter, you get a slew of users who have plenty to say about the funny sign, with mostly positive feedback for the Boston PD:

As in many big cities, Boston has a vehicle congestion problem and with that comes less than proper lane changing procedures from motorists who don’t use their blinkers.

Have you ever been stuck in the left lane and realized you had to move all the way over to take an exit from a busy highway? It’s happened to all of us, but why not “use yah blinkah” instead of cutting off your fellow drivers without a care?

In an effort to make sure “drivahs” understand the importance of alerting others, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation posted messages on electronic highway signs around the city of Boston that read: “Changing Lanes? Use Yah Blinkah.”

According to some on Twitter, I-93 is not the only interstate in which Boston police are using the electronic sign:

The campaign was started ahead of the mother’s day weekend in the state. In Massachusetts, if you do not “use yah blinkah,” you could be fined, and police have issued about 5,000 tickets to motorist who don’t follow state law.

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