'Duck Dynasty' Family Fans Flock To Duck Commander Hometown, Even Babies Are Being Named For Jase Robertson

The Duck Dynasty family continues to be popular with fans even after the Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson caused controversy by relating his beliefs about the Bible in relation to homosexuality.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Duck Dynasty season 6 release date has been announced, squashing any fears that A&E may have Duck Dynasty cancelled over reduced ratings. Uncle Si has even released a new music album, which should be interesting.

Jase Robertson and Tim Tebow have been traveling together for speaking engagements, and Phil also talked about his life story, saying:

"I'm a product of the 1960s in America. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Basically it was all sin. Get high, get drunk, get laid. I ran with the wicked for 26 years, [but then I] turned to Jesus, made an about-face with a Bible under my arm."
Keeping it real like that is why fans of the Duck Dynasty family have been flocking to the tiny town of West Monroe, Lousiana, which is the hometown of the multi-million Duck Commander business. Tourists will "follow the beards" to the Duck Commander Hometown tour, where they get to visit locations that may have been featured in Duck Dynasty episodes at one point.

Bucky Newell is the owner of a restaurant called Duck Diner and he says the reason the Duck Dynasty TV show works is because of how the family is portrayed:

"Less dirty housewives. More clean rednecks. Reason it work is because it's clean, it's wholesome, it ain't just a bunch of garbage. That's what rednecks do, they break wind, they burp, they spill stuff on themselves, that's the appeal."
When asked about the GQ interview, locals of West Monroe say it's all about "freedom of speech" and what is right and what is wrong. For example, Allen Tregry says, "Sometimes there's no gray area if you believe in the Bible.... Change the channel if you don't like it."

Interestingly enough, the popularity of the show has even begun to effect how people name their children:

"Among baby names in Alabama, Jase saw the largest increase in popularity from 2012 to 2013. Sadie is the first name of Willie Robertson's daughter, and an increasingly popular name among Alabama newborn girls in 2013. In 2012, just 54 girls were named Sadie; in 2013 that number grew to 105, making it third-biggest mover on a numeric basis, and seventh-biggest by percentage."
Even the name Korie, which was formerly not on any baby names list, suddenly became popular in 2013.

Would you name your children after the Duck Dynasty family?