Kim Jong Un Uses The United States As A Bogeyman, North Korea Is Not A Military Country, Claims Former Spy

Kim Jong Un uses the United States as a bogeyman to keep North Korea’s population in line according to Jang Jin-sung, a former North Korean writer and spy.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Kim Jong Un video game has the dear leader riding a unicorn while fighting off US imperialists. Even Dennis Rodman makes an appearance in order to come to the aid of Kim. Of course, all the gamers over in North Korea are also required to sport the same exact haircut as Kim Jong Un.

At one point his life, Jang Jin-sung was part of the inner circle who was given special privileges, but in 2004 he fled the country after he “realized it was policy that was forcing our history, our culture, and our identity to be written a certain way — not because it actually happened this way.” He’s soon releasing a book called “Dear Leader: Poet, Spy, Escapee — A Look Inside North Korea” which tells exactly how the inner workings of North Korea function.

Speaking to NBC, Jang says that North Korea is not really a military country, nor does it operate like the old Soviet Union, but instead operates as a personality cult centered on Kim Jong Un:

“The world today still thinks of North Korea as a military country, that the military is the most important entity. But that is completely incorrect. The only entity that actually matters when it comes to decision-making or policy-making is the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD), the executive branch of the Workers’ Party…. The OGD is designed to support the authority of one man alone at the top. There is no No. 2 or No. 3 person. There are no factions. That’s why the OGD reinforces the authority of the Kim dynasty, the Kim sanctity, the Kim legitimacy. The statues, the propaganda, all that is maintained by the OGD.”

State media has even gone so far as to claim Kim Jong-il “shot 11 holes-in-one the first time he played golf” in order to prop up the myth of the Kim family.

Essentially, Jang claims that Kim Jong Un is almost a figurehead, but not quite since he still maintains a very large amount of power. He claims North Korea is “more of a cult-totalitarian state, i.e., a totalitarian system with a cult-building foundation.” Still, it’s the OGD that has the real power:

“If another family came to power, that would cause fissures within the OGD system. These people know this better than anyone else; it’s in their interest to keep the system going as it is, to keep Kim Jong Un in the spotlight but to wield the real power behind the scenes.”

According to Jang, Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s leadership know that the United States is not really their enemy but continue the charade in order to maintain control:

“The so-called hatred towards America comes out of a pragmatic need. North Korea needs to find blame for its own domestic power failures so the U.S. has been designated as a state enemy for that purpose. But it’s not really anti-U.S. Think about it this way, every leader’s house is supposed to hang a portrait of Kim Il Sung, but in the end every leader’s household wants cash. And the U.S. dollar is what keeps the North Korean economy going. In order to justify a power system that does not reflect reality, you need an unrealistic enemy. And that’s the role the U.S. plays, the bogeyman.”

Are you surprised to hear about how Kim Jong Un and North Korea may operate in reality?