See Why Simon Pushed The Golden Buzzer For These Two Boys And Their Anti-Bullying Song [Video]

Golden Anti Bullying Song

It is a rare thing for Simon Cowell of “Britain’s Got Talent” to push his Golden Buzzer for anyone, but these two boys nailed their audition and gained respect from the hard-to-please Simon. That, and their anti-bullying song moved the audience to tears.

Charlie Lenehan, 15, from Bristol, and Leondre Devries, 13, from Wales, call themselves Bars & Melody, according to Global News. Before they even sang the first note of their song, the teens had already won hearts with their charm and sincerity. Then, they sang their own version of a song called “Hopeful” by Twista and Faith Evans with lyrics that Leondre wrote himself, out of his own personal pain of being bullied, and they blew everybody away, including Simon.

“Please help me God / I feel so alone / I’m just a kid / How can I take it on my own? / I cried too many tears writing this song / Trying to fit in / Where do I belong?”

Leondre’s parents split up when he was only four, leaving him to be raised by a single mom. He recounted his story of bullying backstage, “I started rapping because I was having a hard time in primary school. I was getting bullied. When I used to be down in the dumps, I used to write down my raps. I could express myself through what I was writing down.” Music became his escape from bullying and turmoil. He loves school now since he was able to change schools.

Leondre met Charlie at the new school, and they clicked immediately. The bullying thankfully came to an end. Charlie, whom the younger boy sees as a brother, says that “music has made him a lot stronger. If it wasn’t for his music he wouldn’t be as confident, or as cheeky.”

The talented young men expressed a desire that people would really listen to the lyrics of their song. Simon said that he did. He told them that he listened to every word of their anti-bullying song.

Golden Anti Bullying Song

The crowd went wild while they sang. Charlie crooned in his beautiful voice, and the adorable Leondre poured his heart and soul into the emotional lyrics of his rap song. The crowd felt his pain as a boy who suffered from bullying and feeling alone, without his dad around, with mean kids pushing him down. The song held so much more than emotion; there is great talent there as well.

Bullying is a horrible thing that too many schoolkids experience. It is wonderful to see people are able to overcome it, as one boy Jake did in front of his whole class in a story reported recently by The Inquisitr as part of The BULLY Project. And as Leondre has done.

None of the “Britain’s Got Talent” judges had any criticism for the duo and their anti-bullying song, only praise. The boys obviously melted the hearts of Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon. David Walliams told them, “for two young kids like yourself to sing about something that really affects you, to do it in a style that is completely yours, it’s a really rare thing.”

Simon Cowell was the judge who pushed the Golden Buzzer, which means the boys go straight to the live shows. Leondre assured Simon that he is no longer being bullied, that those painful bullying experiences are in the past. Simon got real with them, saying, “I think that record could be a hit, I really do. I really, really like you two.”

While the crowd went bananas, the two boys hugged each other, raw emotion on their faces. They thanked everybody in the midst of their joy and tears. The painful past of being bullied has now been turned into something very positive as their anti-bullying song encourages others. As of this writing, the You-Tube video of their audition has gone viral, reaching over 17 million views in just a week.

[Video via YouTube; image via bing]