Man Shot In Anus Cracks Burglary Case Wide Open

Man Shot In Anus Arrested

A man shot in the anus will now face burglary charges after San Antonio Police were able to match up his gunshot wound to an attempted burglary.

According to, 24-year-old Dennis Molina was removing a box of tools from the bed of a 2003 Ford F-150 pickup at 3 am on May 6.

That’s when the homeowner, Miguel Sandoval, 32, looked outside and grabbed his rifle, according to the official police report.

Sandoval “heard noise on the porch of his house” and “saw and heard the doorknob move as someone tried to open the door,” the news site noted.

The homeowner had reportedly been the victim of a theft in the previous two weeks, though it was unclear whether Molina was the perpetrator of the previous crime.

Not taking any chances, Sandoval opened the laundry room window and took aim. At this point, he saw Molina and a second unidentified man on his back porch and called out, “You better leave, I have a gun.”

Rather than take the threat seriously, Molina allegedly began walking over to Sandoval, who opened fire, later admitting that he couldn’t tell if Molina was armed or not. (At 3 am, it doesn’t really matter.)

At this point, Molina thought better of approaching the homeowner and retreated along with the other man. The second man fled down the driveway.

No blood was found at the scene, police said, but a few minutes after they arrived, they were notified that a 24-year-old man had hobbled in to Metropolitan Methodist Hospital after getting “shot in the anus or somewhere close to that area,” authorities said.

Molina was rushed to the San Antonio Military Medical Center, where the bullet was removed from his backside. No updates have been issued at this time.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the only story we’ve ever run on people getting shot in the anus, nor is it the most disturbing.

In September we brought you the story of a 10-year-old girl who was shot in that region. The injury occurred at around 2 am as she slept in her bed when a stray bullet crashed into her bedroom, and then her body. Police said it came from a drive-by shooting nearby.

The young girl then woke up writhing in pain, and when her parents came to inspect her they found blood in her underwear but no sign of a gunshot wound. It took the parents several hours to call on the incident because they assumed it was related to her menstrual cycle. Fortunately, the child survived.

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