WWE News: WWE Signs International Star Prince Devitt To Contract

Prince Devitt

Since the fall of last year, WWE had been in recruit mode trying to get a major international star named Prince Devitt. The New Japan Pro-Wrestling mega-star was becoming a household name in Japan and was also known for going around the European circuits. WWE saw a tape of he and another Indy star named Pac a while back.

WWE was shown the tape by William Regal, a man who now helps to train the WWE developmental talent in NXT among other things for the company. Before this, Regal was a known WWE Superstar who has several championships to his credit. Regal felt that the two were amazing and needed to be in the WWE. Pac was signed up relatively quick and became known in NXT as Adrian Neville. Neville is now the NXT World Champion.

WWE loved both men, but seemed to have a struggle in grabbing Prince Devitt despite the repeated attempts to get the Irish born grappler. WWE sent feelers out to see if he had interest and seemed to get some. However, Devitt was under NJPW contract. He also loved being in Japan. The pay is known to be great for the major stars like Devitt in Japan. So he was not struggling to get by. However lately, it seemed that he felt it was time to jump ship.

WWE could offer much more to him obviously. He could go from being a major Japanese name to a potential household name across the world if he can manage to get the WWE fans behind him like he has with the NJPW fans.

NJPW has shown to be a major success area for several Independent performers. Many people head to Japan as they offer great pay and a chance to move up in potential bookings down the line. Usually bookers take the opportunity to check out the talent at NJPW, and they will go after guys from there for random shows. WWE began to see the names coming out of Japan and felt that they could recruit some of the European or American stars and make them stars for them.

This has actually been a pretty common thing for WWE the last number of years. People such as Daniel Bryan had success all around the world and especially in Europe and Japan. Sheamus and Wade Barrett both came from the European area as well. WWE usually tests men and women out when they go on their European tours. Interestingly enough, WWE goes a few times a year due to the huge demand from fans in the area.

WWE loves bringing in international stars as it gives them a presence around the world, no matter where they go. They can also venture into new areas because they understand the people will know at least one or more of their Superstars/Divas because they are from there or rose to fame there.

WWE has finally managed to sign the Irish high-flyer, after months and months of anticipation.

WWE most likely feels that Prince Devitt will be a major star for them, however he will be one of many at his size WWE has begun to employ as of late. The days of the big guys are seemingly gone from WWE. So technically WWE has a big guy problem compared to before when the weirdness of seeing a 5’11 200lb person was present.

Devitt will be 32 by the time he comes to the WWE this summer. He is finishing up other dates before he comes in. He is 5’11 and 179 pounds. This is actually normal for WWE as near 70 percent of WWE’s roster going down to their NXT roster is of Cruiserweight build. This is a big deal for WWE fans and even those who have spoken bad about WWE and their steroid controversy over the years.

We’re not seeing the beefed up guys as much anymore, which makes many believe we could be in the time that wrestling matches for WWE could become more and more amazing. On top of this, due to the fact smaller guys or rather normal sized human beings are around, gimmicks will have to be present yet again as they were in the 80’s and 90’s. How will Devitt stand out in WWE? That is yet to be determined. Let’s hope he does well.