WWE News: Daniel Bryan Leaving For Neck Surgery, When He Will Return

As we saw on WWE Monday Night RAW, Daniel Bryan is set to have neck surgery soon. WWE has not forced him to drop his championships, which means that they feel confident that he will return AND that he will do so in a speedy fashion. Obviously with any neck surgery, there can be complications and risks. However, WWE uses the best doctors in the country for their talent, so it’s likely a lower risk than it could be.

Bryan is set for surgery tomorrow, and will doing a minimally-invasive neck procedure to fix his injury. This is a fantastic thing for Bryan fans and of course, WWE fans. This means that he is having a procedure that will not require a lengthy recovery time; he could be back in action within a month.

The bad news with this is that it is the neck. If they open the area up and there are more problems that first realized, he could be out longer. The good news is that WWE caught this very early, so he will have a better chance to come back with less complications.

WWE expects Daniel Bryan to be back by the Payback PPV. It was said that Bryan was quiet backstage all afternoon leading up to he start of Monday Night RAW. I’m sure it was weird for him to go out, as the champion he always wanted to be, living the life he always wanted, facing an uncertain future.

Sure, missing a month is no big deal. It’s a blessing for Bryan in the first place. He has been in a lot of pain according to his wife, Brie. So even missing a month will recharge his body.

Bryan’s style is one that could cause random neck issues from minor to major. So this may not be the last neck issue he has. However, to know he has this issue now that can be corrected before it develops into something worse is a good thing. We’ve seen guys like Edge forced into retirement due to neck trouble. Guys like Kurt Angle have had numerous surgeries and even Steve Austin has had to deal with them.

Bryan is certainly not without company in his neck injury misery. The idea again is for Bryan to be back by Payback. The actual time will probably be the RAW after so they can boost ratings. This is unless WWE somehow does something with Brie that would cause a faster return. The plan is still to continue the Kane/Bryan rivalry. Currently, WWE would like Bryan to be able to perform at Payback. If the neck procedure goes well, he will be cleared by then. Even if it doesn’t, WWE might not want to chance it just in case as the match set to take place was a Buried Alive match. If he is gone longer than expected, WWE will have him drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship sadly. Let’s hope that won’t happen.

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