Danity Kane Makes ‘Lemonade’ Without Aundrea Fimbres?

Danity Kane

The ladies of Danity Kane (created on Diddy’s Making The Band) have joined forces once more and are headed out on tour. While everyone previously accepted the fact that the girl group had dropped D. Woods, it sounds like they may be forced to swallow the fact that another one of their favorites is gone. Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex seem to be the only constants at this point.

According to Us Weekly, Danity Kane released a new single called “Lemonade” which is awesome news — but there seems to be something wrong. While fans were so excited to hear the first single released by Danity Kane in forever, the cover art for the song was missing one very important person: Aundrea Fimbres. Fans immediately noticed that Aundrea wasn’t in the photo and began wondering what was going on.

According to MTV, Danity Kane might now be a group of three — clearly something is up:

“Another clue to a rift in the girl group is that Aubrey, Dawn, and Shannon have been non-stop tweeting about the new single, whereas Aundrea has been silent on the social media site since April 25.”

Despite the promo tour photos featuring Aundrea Fimbres, the girls aren’t saying anything about why the fourth group member has been MIA. Obviously there are going to have to be some answers soon whether the girls want to give them or not. Danity Kane’s “No Filter” tour kicks off tonight in San Francisco. If there are only three girls on stage, fans are going to realize that something happened and that Aundrea is no longer a part of the group… again.

The girls have had a lot of ups and downs and it hasn’t been easy for them to stay together. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, D. Woods was apparently very surprised to not be invited back into the group. In fact, she says that she found out about the group’s reunion online. For whatever reason, the existing members of Danity Kane didn’t want to invite D. Woods back into their circle and it sounds like they may have excused Aundrea too. It stinks in so many ways and without a proper explanation from anyone, it’s hard to fully understand what might be going on.

Remember, these girls have had their fair share of fights… so maybe this is another one that will blow over. And, for the time being, you can listen to “Lemonade” below.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]