Long Island Man Stops Runaway Car, Rescues Three Girls Inside It! [Video]

A 43-year-old man from North Babylon, Long Island is being hailed as a hero after a footage showing him getting inside a runaway car and saving three trapped girls was posted on to YouTube. According to NewsDay, the middle aged savior was later identified as David Cincotta. The footage, nearly a month old was uploaded to YouTube on April 15th– exactly a month ago. It is only now that people have come to know about the deeds of the unlikely hero.

The incident happened at a Lukoil gas station in the area on April 5, 2014 at around 2:30 pm local time. David had pulled into the gas station for refueling. While he went inside the station’s minimart to pay, he unexpectedly met his father inside and the two began to converse. While he was still waiting to pay for his gas, a woman walked in. Seconds later, he heard panicked cries emanating from outside the minimart and saw the lady dart out of the door. Sensing danger, David followed the woman. What happened next could be clearly seen in the surveillance video footage.

Initially, the runaway car, a white sedan is seen moving in reverse at a steady speed towards a busy road. Seconds later, the woman is seen running towards the runaway car, followed by David. The woman manages to open the door but is unable to get inside the car. She eventually falls to the ground, David however manages to run past the lady, manages to get in the runaway car and stop it from moving on to the street – just in time.

The panicky situation soon turned into a cheerful one with high fives being shown around. The lady, visibly shaken, thanked David for saving her kids from the runaway car and literally cried in his arms. While she did suffer some minor bruises from the fall, there was no serious injuries. David has not seen the woman since the incident and they didn’t exchange information after it happened.

David adds that the incident probably happened after the lady left her car running and one of the kids probably shifted the car in to reverse. He believes this would be a lesson to people who leave kids inside their cars with its engine running and hopes the lady would never repeat this mistake. Meanwhile, the video from the surveillance footage posted on to YouTube showing the runaway car has been viewed over 5900 times as I write this. More than anything, David is happy about the fact that the kids are safe. He says he was at the right place at the right time.

Would you have done something similar had you encountered a runaway car yourself?

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