Kate Middleton Skips Out On Designer Dinner To Care For Prince George

Kate Middleton reportedly upset designer Ralph Lauren when she didn’t show up for a gala charity dinner hosted by her husband, Prince William. According to reports, the Duchess of Cambridge needed to stay home and care for her son, Prince George. A Kensington Palace spokesperson confirmed that Duchess Kate was never scheduled to attend the event to begin with — so why was the clothing designer so miffed?

A source told Mail Online:

“Ralph Lauren was furious when he found out less than six weeks ago that Kate would not be there. He considered pulling out but was told by his PR advisers that it would look terrible. The company thought they were getting Kate, the most famous clothes horse in the world, and also a runway show at the castle.”

While Prince William and Kate Middleton do attend many of these types of events together, it is not uncommon for them to attend engagements separately and this was just one of those times. Middleton, 32, is a very hands-on mum and even though she and William have hired a nanny, she still enjoys being with her 10-month-old as much as possible. And so her “excuse” for not attending the dinner was a very good one.

Most of the people at the charity event understood that Kate had a baby to take care of and no one really seemed to think that her absence was a big deal — except Ralph Lauren apparently.

You can bet that there will be a fair share of rumors to come out of this, as well. Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t feeling up to dinner because she’s pregnant with her second child. Pregnancy speculation has grown over the past few weeks and there have been reports that Kate and William will be announcing the baby news sometime soon. You can read more about those rumors on The Inquisitr.

Kate Middleton — pregnant or not — should not be taking any heat for “missing” the event, especially if she wasn’t slated to attend in the first place. As far as ticking off Ralph Lauren, that seems a little overboard. Naturally he may have wanted to see her but he cannot possibly take the Duchess’ absence personally. As Hollywood Life points out, Kate Middleton is a big Ralph Lauren fan and often steps out wearing outfits that he has designed. Perhaps the designer was more disappointed that he didn’t get to chat with Kate — emotions can be easily mixed up especially when being explained by the media.

[Photo courtesy of InStyle UK]