‘Vampire Veterinarian’ Kept Dog Alive In Filthy Conditions After Telling Family It Was Euthanized, Harvested Animal’s Blood

A Texas animal doctor dubbed the “Vampire Veterinarian” is in trouble after keeping a dog alive in filthy living conditions for months and harvesting the animal’s blood after telling the dog’s family that he had been euthanized.

The veterinarian, 71-year-old Millard “Lou” Tierce, is accused of keeping the 170-pound Leonberger inside a kennel for several months last summer while treating the dog for a “minor anal-gland issue.” When the dog’s family finally went to collect their pet, they found he was unable to walk. After the vet recommended that the dog be euthanized, the family agreed.

But a few weeks ago the family was contacted by a veterinarian technician who used to work at the clinic, telling them that the dog, Sid, was still alive and was being confined in a small cage in unsanitary conditions, with the Vampire Veterinarian using the dog for blood extractions.

“We trusted the vet. We said our goodbyes,” Sid’s owner, Marian Harris, told ABC News. “We had even talked about burial arrangements, and then six months later I get a call that he’s still alive.”

The story of the “Vampire Veterinarian” actually broke in April, when Millard Tierce was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, but resurfaced this week when the Texas State Veterinarian Board of Medical Examiners held a hearing on the vet. Tierce’s Fort Worth clinic has already been closed, and Tierce told the board that his work suffered because of his hoarding habit.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that Tierce was unfairly characterized as running a “vampire running a shop of horror,” but that the veterinarian knew he needed to clean the clutter.

“Truth is, I don’t particularly care to manage,” he said. “I’d much rather do surgery and care for my patients.”

The story of the Vampire Veterinarian at least has a happy ending. After getting proper treatment, Sid is now healthy again and back living with his family again.