‘COD: Advanced Warfare’ Developer Sledgehammer Games Reveals Past Regrets

COD: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games has stated that they would like to finish a game they had previously started. They had scrapped a third-person title set in the Vietnam War to work on Modern Warfare 3.

The latest game in the series seems to take inspiration from the more futuristic side of war, using elements of Dead Space, Titanfall, and Halo to give Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a new look and new gameplay mechanics. While it’s definitely different from what they’ve done before, it still reverses the old trend of other FPS titles being Call of Duty clones by taking something from everything else.

Could Sledgehammer Games be planning an ironically retro DLC mission for COD: Advanced Warfare as a way to finish what they had been planning? That would be technically two games in one, but the Xbox One and PS4 could probably handle that with capabilities we most likely haven’t seen yet.

As previous console cycles have proven, it’s usually the last handful of games that show the console’s true potential, and the latest ones from Sony and Microsoft have just begun. COD: Advanced Warfare might just show us one of the first glimpses of the new consoles’ potential.

Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield revealed that the third person Vietnam War Call of Duty game had already been in development for around eight months:

“I was really getting into the story. We had some really cool mechanics … We were definitely getting some Dead Space moments. I don’t mean that from sci-fi, I mean that was a war that was scary for the [American soldiers]. They didn’t know if in the jungle there was a booby trap, or what was in those tunnels. And there were thousands of miles of tunnel underground. It was a hidden war.”

Co-founder Michael Condrey added that during the time they were assigned to Modern Warfare 3, “Infinity Ward was going through some transition.” As a result, some ideas had to be left unfinished, including the game Sledgehammer wants to go back to.

Condrey told the press:

“We were growing with a triple-A team here, and the chance to work on the biggest game at that time and this fiction and space was super exciting for us. We would’ve loved to have made [the third-person Call of Duty]. It was in a space that we enjoyed, but how does anything compare to the first-person blockbuster release of 2011?”

Could COD: Advanced Warfare have DLC that sends the player to the Vietnam War so Sledgehammer Games can finish what they started?