Cisco Adler Arrested After Bar Brawl

Cisco Adler was arrested on Thursday morning after punching a bar employee post bar fight. Cisco– of droopy sack (super NSFW, so click if you dare), Whitestarr, and Mischa Barton dating fame– played a gig at The Hub in Fargo, North Dakota on Wednesday and got into an altercation with the employee while being removed from the club by security.

“The band was playing and then they wouldn’t pay their tab,” Fargo Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jeff Skuza told E! News. “There was a disagreement about that and as [Adler] was being escorted out, he punched one of the security personnel. He was part of a large group that was fighting.”

The bar employee rocked a citizen’s arrest until the police hauled Adler in, where he was booked on simple assault and released on a $500 bail.

I never thought I’d have to revisit “the photo.” Cisco, stay out of trouble!