Bill Clinton Says Hillary’s Health Is Fine After Karl Rove Comments

Former President Bill Clinton laughed off comments made by Karl Rove about wife Hillary Clinton’s health Wednesday at a conference hosted by the Peterson Foundation in Washington.

As reported Tuesday in the Inquisitr, Rove, Republican strategist and the “architect” of Pres. George W. Bush’s campaigns in 2000 and 2004 made comments that Hillary Clinton suffered a traumatic brain injury, and perhaps implying she had brain damage.

“That embodies that old saying that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. First they said she faked her own concussion and now they say she’s auditioning for a part on The Walking Dead,” the former president said.

Hillary Clinton acquired a stomach virus in December 2012 and became dehydrated, leading to a fall where she hit her head, suffering a concussion.

Rove said last week “Thirty days in the hospital, and when she reappears she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

Rove went on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News Tuesday and host Bill Hemmer challenged his remarks, saying Clinton was in the hospital for only three days. Rove conceded the point about her hospital stay but stuck by his month-long timeline Politico reported. “She goes in on a Sunday, she comes out on a Wednesday. But this is a 30-day period where she’s fighting something.”

Bill Clinton said “She works out every week, she is strong, she is doing great, as far as I can tell she’s in better shape than I am. She certainly seems to have more stamina now and there’s nothing to it,” he said during a question and answer session with PBS’ Gwen Ifill reported. “I was sort of dumbfounded. They went to all this trouble to say she had staged what was a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over, something she never lowballed with the American people, never tried to pretend didn’t happen. Now they say she’s really got brain damage.”

The former president joked some of the theories might be related to a longtime Republican search for scandals about the Clintons. “I’m still waiting for them to admit there was nothing to Whitewater,” referring to the investigation that was conducted into a land deal while he was in office.

Nick Merrill, spokesman for Mrs. Clinton said “From the moment this happened seventeen months ago, the right has politicized her health. First they accused her of faking it, now they’ve resorted to the other extreme — and are flat out lying.”

Hillary Clinton is considered the early front runner for the Democratic party’s nomination in 2016 if she decides to run.

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