Justin Timberlake Dances With Michael Jackson For ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ Music Video

Justin Timberlake danced with Michael Jackson back in 2001 at the MTV Video Music Awards. Although the clear break out talent of the group, back then he was still a member of the popular boy band Nsync. Over a decade later and he’s had a very successful solo career. A lot of things have happened throughout that decade, including the death of Michael Jackson.

This week Epic record label dropped the second posthumous album since Jackson’s passing in 2009. Getting major attention on the album is the leading single “Love Never Felt So Good” which is a remastered work featuring vocals by Justin Timberlake. Timberlake, who is usually compared to Jackson, and sees the late artist as an inspiration, makes due of his time on the track, and is an excellent addition to the song that was originally recorded back in the 80s.

The single not only has that feeling of nostalgia, but whatever Timbaland and Timberlake did in the recording booth has brought a kind of new relevance to the old material. Today the record label decided to unleash the music video featuring Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. In the music video Timberlake is seen dancing in front of a screen that shows different Michael Jackson videos like “Smooth Criminal” and “Do You Remember The Time.” At some points you can technically say that the two are dancing together.

In addition Timberlake is also seen dancing with other professional dancers who mirror some of Michael’s signature moves. For any Jackson fan the video is a very touching tribute to the King of Pop, and it’s appropriate that Justin is involved seeing as he’s been branded as the President of Pop.

Music mogul and producer L.A. Reid oversaw all of the production for the Xscape album. Of Jackson as a person, Reid told the Today show:

“Michael was a man of love; he was completely about love…. Very dedicated to himself, very dedicated to music and being great and really doing something great for the world.”

Timbaland who also visited the Today show said of his frame of mind while going into the studio for the album:

“I couldn’t touch (the music) right away. I had to let him speak through me, to guide me…. It felt like he was kind of directing the ship, so it wasn’t me battling him.”

Although Timberlake hasn’t done a lot of press for his song with Michael he did go into his first initial reaction when he was asked to be on the album:

“My first reaction was, ‘There is no way’ … I’m such a loyal fan to him and his music that it seemed almost too much of a thing, but then I kept hearing this song and … it just felt so good … It kind of spoke to me. It reminded me of some of the stuff Tim [producer Timbaland] and I had worked on on 20/20 Experience.”

Check out the video for Love Never Felt So Good:

[Image via Epic Record label]