‘Sims 4’ Gameplay Trailer Walks You Through Create A Sim Feature [Video]

The latest Sims 4 gameplay trailer shows off the Create A Sim feature, attempting to steal back the spotlight from Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life. According to some YouTube commenters, the graphics in the game indicate that it actually could run on the 3DS, being generally unimpressive.

The problem with pushing graphics in a game that focuses so much on the minor details is that they take away from how much you can do with them. It’s all about balance in a game like this. At least the characters look human, as opposed to those melon-headed things with string-bean limbs in Nintendo‘s game.

Ryan Vaughan, the producer behind the game, shows how easy it is to turn a generic character into an almost perfect image of someone you know. The Sims 4 gameplay trailer shows us a template of several options within various physical features, even rivaling the customized characters in games like Saints Row IV. You can choose your character’s skin tone, muscle tone, shape everything from their forehead to their toes, and even give them distinctive personalities. The way they walk, laugh, and even their mannerisms, is all up to you.

The producer starts out by recreating his favorite characters Bella and Mortimer Goth, ones which have appeared in every game so far, and after only a few seconds of tinkering, he shows the results. He then turns and recreates his coworkers, using their pictures to show how close their likenesses are.

After making virtual likenesses of these characters and people, Ryan Vaughan proceeds to build them all a two story house and let them do their thing. Being the friendly type, Bella is shown hanging out with some of his coworkers and laughing.

The level of detail available in The Sims 4 counters its lack of graphics, but in a game like this, EA and Maxis are betting you won’t even notice.

What do you think of the Sims 4 gameplay trailer?

[image via Tumblr]