'Watch Dogs' Trailer Explains The Spider Tank And Much More [Video]

The latest Watch Dogs trailer explains the previously seen spider tank and various parts of the gameplay. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ubisoft's latest killer IP may be focused on hacking your way to revenge, but there are several other things to upgrade as you go. Your driving skills and gun abilities are among the ways you can improve Aiden Pearce as he searches for the person who attacked his family.

The last video told us that out of all of the people in Chicago, you can only trust a few. It named a few people that Aiden Pearce will encounter in the game, some of which might turn on you by the end. Of course with his hacking skills and sense of morality, most of Chicago can't trust him either.

This Watch Dogs trailer begins with protagonist antihero Aiden Pearce inviting someone to come with him to Chicago. He tells this person, "If you don't trust me, there's nothing I can do. Now listen to me. I'm the one who decides your fate."

The narrator explains that Chicago consists of six massive districts, from skyscrapers to calm countrysides. You will hack into everything through CToS, a hyper-connective system that incorporates all of the technology in the city, and turn the city itself into your weapon. Disrupt traffic, cripple communications, or even cause a blackout as you search for a killer.

Also pointed out in previous Watch Dogs trailers is a sense of morality that pervades the city. The more you do to harm the population and turn a blind eye to crime, the more the authorities will be looking for you. There will even be subtle results of the bad things you do.

Multiplayer aspects will turn your friends against you, raising the paranoia level as you try to take them out before they do you the same favor. Single player games will become multiplayer scenarios, meaning you'll probably need to keep the game online as you play for the full experience.

'Watch Dogs' gameplay Aiden Pearce
'Watch Dogs' gameplay involves spider tanks and gunplay

The CToS mobile companion app will also give you the chance to mess with others in the game from your Android or iOS phone.

Driving is not only one of the major upgrades to the gameplay, it's also among the perks according to the latest Watch Dogs trailer. You can hack into cars, take them by force, or even have them delivered to you as you participate in street races and various driving jobs that might make Jason Statham's Transporter hero blush.

You can even make the game into an 8-bit hybrid or download virtual reality hacks to turn the city into a hellish nightmare. There is also the option to drive a spider tank through the city and see how far you can get before it's destroyed.

With all of these options available, it seems Ubisoft is going to be capitalizing your time again on the Watch Dogs release date at the end of this month. Which aspects of the Watch Dogs trailer make you the most excited to play the game?

[images via GameSpot, gamefreaks]