Congressman Does Something Really Gross On Live TV [Video]

This sticky situation would probably fall under the all publicity is not good publicity department.

US Rep. Joe Garcia, a Florida Democrat, was caught on live TV during a Congressional hearing seemingly snacking on his own ear wax.

The House hearing concerned NSA surveillance, which perhaps makes it more ironic that the footage shows someone sticking his finger in his ear.

Garcia is shown sitting next to his colleague Rep. Suzan DelBene in the footage (see embed below), a video which attracted attention on social media. Quite a few Twitter users weighed in on the Florida lawmaker’s hygiene practices.

Serving his first term, Garcia represents Florida’s 26th Congressional district in the Miami area and will likely face either Republican challenger David Rivera or Carlos Curbelo in the November general election. The GOP primary is August 26.

Rivera defeated Garcia in the 2010 election for the House seat before losing the rematch in 2012.

About the ear wax eating incident at the House Judiciary Committee hearing that was caught by the C-SPAN cameras, Garcia released a statement last night in which he waxed poetic, as it were, about the incident: I scratched my ear and noticed I had a hangnail. My mom always told me to keep my fingers out of my mouth, and now I know why. I look forward to immigration reform going viral.”

Rep. Garcia expressed similar sentiments on Twitter, where he also quipped that he was “almost trending as much as Jay-Z.”

The Joe Garcia ear wax YouTube video has about 800,000 hits so far.

Do you accept Rep. Joe Garcia’s explanation about ear wax?