Casey Kasem Dead? Wife Jean’s Refusal To Disclose Ailing Radio Legend’s Location Fuels Speculation

Casey Kasem may be dead, many fans are beginning to fear after reports that wife Jean Kasem either cannot or will not disclose the location of the radio personality.

Casey has been at the center of family drama for months, with his adult children pursuing legal action against Jean Kasem last year claiming that she is failing to care for him properly and keeping family from seeing Casey. A judge ruled in favor of Jean at the time.

But this week a judge granted a temporary conservatorship to Casey’s daughter Kerri, and ordered an investigation into Kasem’s whereabouts after a lawyer for Jean Kasem revealed that Casey’s location is unknown.

This has led to speculation that Casey Kasem could be dead, though his children have publicly said they believe Jean has “kidnapped” him.

“She’s completely in hiding with my dad,” daughter Kerri Kasem said in reference to estranged stepmom Jean Kasem. “My dad has been kidnapped.”

Casey Kasem suffers from Lewy Body Dementia, a progressive disease that requires him to eat with a feeding tube and has left him unable to speak.

“I worry immensely that he’s not getting the right medical attention,” Kerri said. “He has to be in a facility with 24-hour care. Traveling causes great stress, fear and confusion for someone in my dad’s state. It might be taking a tremendous toll.”

Jean Kasem has already publicly stated that Casey is in his final days. In a court case brought by a former caregiver who claimed that Jean mistreated her, Casey’s wife told a judge that the radio legend is dying.

“My husband is terminally ill and unable to leave home,” she said in legal documents.

At the time Jean Kasem asked for a continuance for a few months, saying that’s how long it would take for “the situation to resolve or end, unfortunately.” This report came out in October, and in the absence of news of his whereabouts there are growing rumors that Casey Kasem could already be dead.