This Texan Couple Found A Great Business Technique To Offer Mattresses At Heavy Discounts

Buying a mattress can turn out be a big investment given the prices that these sleeping aides offer.

When one steps out to buy a piece of comfort furniture in which you are expected to spend 1/3rd of your day, the decision is often expected to cost a couple grand at least. However, Robert and Michele Boudreaux’s first store in Leander, which was initially meant to be a soft test, soon found a strong foundation.

The business partners who opened a discount bed store on Old FM 2243 in Leander, Texas, eventually turned their business partnership into a marriage partnership and added their second store in Cedar Park the next year. The couple has observed a good swell in their business and now offered a glimpse in their methodology that has won the customers over.

The stores, innovatively named “Mattresses Made Easy,” offer name-brand luxury mattresses at discounts of 50 percent or more. “We’re still competing somewhat against the retail stores, but we have more of a niche market. You can get a mattress here, which retails for $2,000, for $700,” shared Robert.

So what’s the business methodology that allows Mattresses Made Easy to sell at such big discounts? Mattress Made Easy sells display items from Sealy Corp. and brands such as Stearns & Foster. The mattresses were put out on display for potential customers test them before buying a sealed model. “Stores send these back to Sealy, the manufacturer,” said Robert.

Mattresses Made Easy Offer Only Those Items Which Were On Display

Now, big–brand stores simply cannot sell these mattresses as they have been technically opened and used. But they surely can’t hoard them. Hence such brands offload these mattresses in large quantities at very low prices, since recovery of revenue is as important as offloading such an inventory, which will never be bought at retail prices.

“Hence big brand employees inspect these mattresses, re-bag them, box them up into a truck, and I buy them by the 18-wheeler,” revealed Robert. Since the shipments are in bulk and the wholesale buyers don’t have the slightest clue, they get a truckload of mattresses at great prices, shared Robert. “I don’t actually get to order what I want. I get what’s in the truck. It’s kind of like Christmas every time,” reported Impact News.

Since Mattresses Made Easy gets a great price, they can transfer the discounts to their customers. The couple doesn’t hide the fact about the mattresses being “used” and even offers to deepen the discounts if the mattresses have scuff marks or other visual imperfections. However, Robert is quick to add, “Sometimes they get fork-lifted on the bottom and it doesn’t affect the functionality of the mattress. But cosmetically there might be a blemish on it.”

With almost 70 percent reductions in asking prices, these mattresses are being sold at a much faster rate than their sealed brethren which are housed in warehouses.

[Image Credit | Impact News]