Maryland TV Station Evacuated After Man Crashes Into Building, Runs Inside

A Maryland TV station was evacuated after a man crashed a vehicle into the front of the building and then ran inside.

The first 911 calls were received just before noon today. Apparently, a man claiming to be “God” was banging on the door of the building, trying to get in, and shouting all kinds of things (such as “I am God, I am God”). When no one opened the door for him, he decided to use a truck to “break in.” According to The Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), the man drove his truck through the front of the WMAR building, leaving a huge hole. The man then exited the vehicle and ran inside the building — something that was very concerning.

Employees (including news reporters) evacuated the building, many unsure of what the man’s plans were. Police warned that the man could be dangerous as he was acting quite strange.

WMAR’s Michael Marion, who’s office is near the lobby, explained:

“I heard a series of crashes. The next thing, I looked in the lobby, and the only thing between truck and the lobby was the final door. I heard one final crash. I looked through the door, and by then the truck was pulling in the lobby.”

Everyone at the Maryland TV station was able to get out of the building and no one was injured. People were not outwardly panicked which helped ensure that the evacuation was successful. People remained calm and both the station and police believe that everyone made it out safely. A nearby parochial school was placed into lockdown but students were released this afternoon — everyone there was also safe.

Investigative reporter Brian Kuebler explained what he witnessed:

“I never even saw him. I just saw the truck. That’s when it started to get pretty real. This guy was intent on getting into the building. It was pretty frightening.”

According to CNN, police are still looking for the suspect who has not yet been identified. The truck used to crash into the building was reportedly stolen from a subcontractor with the State Highway Administration. At this time, a motive is unclear. It’s possible that the man knew someone at the station or that he just wanted to cause a disturbance. Either way, it doesn’t sound like he was in his right mind.

Random acts of violence seem to happen much more frequently nowadays. As a matter of fact, there were two separate shootings in East Lansing, Michigan that left two people dead earlier today. You can read about that incident on