Gas Station Beatdown: Or, What Happens When You Start Fights You Can’t Finish [Video]

A gas station beatdown caught on video has been making a splash on YouTube, and when you see it, you’ll understand why. According to reports, the instigator of the fight — and coincidentally, the victim — was an amateur DJ/producer, who goes by the name of @DJFreekieLondon on Twitter.

The owner of the handle bills himself as a “ny born az resident,” a tidbit he shares proudly on the video just before accosting two men with whom he got into a verbal altercation.

In spite of recent claims on the micro-blogging site that he would be seeking an attorney for the beating he received, the video pretty clearly shows that he started the fight, first continuing to verbally assault the two men — one, an Arizona truck driver we’re told — as they tried to walk away.

He then got up close and personal with the person shooting the video and shouted that he was “from New York.” After that, he made a move he probably wishes he hadn’t.

He ran up to the truck driver and threw two punches, one of which appeared to land. That was all the luck Freekie had as he was taken to the ground, mounted, and pummeled in a manner that would make Cain Velasquez proud.

While the truck driver may have gone a little overkill with the shots to the back of Freekie’s head — his victim’s body goes limp at one point before he delivers a few more shots to the back and sides of the head — he does have the decency to cease the gas station beatdown once a spectator tells him to stop, adding, “He’s done. You got him.”

After that, the truck driver and his friend, who did not get involved in the physical portion of the fight, left Freekie laying there.

Thankfully, Freekie made some movements soon thereafter, and judging by the recent activity on his Twitter account — including the tease of litigation — he seems to be okay.

To date, we have no idea what the real names of these people are, nor any clue as to whether police have made arrests, though we’re pretty convinced the beating itself was legit, and you will be, too, once you watch the video.

Other than that limited info, we have this from the YouTuber, who shot the footage (“dirkyboy”):

Noticed this happening as I was leaving QuikTrip.

I am not entirely sure what the argument was over. But as I was leaving QT I heard something to the effect that the white guys almost hit the black guy as he was crossing the street.

After I stopped filming nobody was doing anything to help dude off the ground so I literally picked this dude up like he was a rag doll and carried him over to one [of] the concrete potters that sit out front of QT’s. He eventually caught his breath and moved on.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve brought you a case of bully beatdown here at The Inquisitr, but it is one of the more satisfying.

Do you think Freekie deserved what he got in this gas station beatdown, and do you think he has a case for civil litigation?