Girl Hit With Shovel During Bizarre Fight, Video Goes Viral

Nathan Francis - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 4:32 a.m. ET

A girl hit with a shovel during a fight has become an internet celebrity of sorts, with video of the bizarre encounter going viral.

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The fight was between two teenage girls who arranged the encounter to settle a dispute over a boy. The video shows the two chatting casually as they walk around the property of one of the combatants, looking for a good place to fight.

The two girls go at it for a bit of slapping and hair-pulling, but eventually they are pulled apart by other girls who are serving as referees of some sort. During a break in the fight the girls talk about a pet cat named Mittens who just had her stitches ripped out.

Back to the action, the girls take it quite a bit more seriously. The taller combatant unleashes a series of punches on the smaller girl’s face, though it doesn’t seem to phase her.

By the third round, the smaller girl is apparently tired of getting her face beaten in.

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“You better quit hittin’ me in my face!” she yelled.

“That’s the point! It’s a fight!”

But at that point the smaller one decided to stop messing around, and grabbed a shovel. As the taller girl tried to run away she was hit with the shovel, knocking her to the ground.

The video of the entire fight originally showed up on YouTube, where it reached close to 300,000 views before being taken down. But it has since found new life, with a Vine version just showing the girl hit by the shovel becoming popular.

Pretty soon, parody versions of the girl getting hit by the shovel showed up. There was one dubbed with WWE announcer Jim Ross.

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Another version of the girl hit by shovel video creates a highlight reel of sorts, set to a hip-hop beat.

The full video of the girl being hit with a shovel can be found here, in all its glory.


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