Watch Wild Vs. Blackhawks Game 6 Streaming Online Live; 2014 NHL Playoffs

Watch Wild vs. Blackhawks game 6 streaming online live by clicking on the link at the bottom of this preview article. The Blackhawks vs. Wild series has been a barnburner so far, with both teams coming out strong in front of their home crowds. The ‘Hawks take a 3-2 series lead into Minnesota for game 6, but they have yet to beat the Wild on their home ice. For that matter, no one has beaten the Wild on their home ice in the 2014 NHL playoffs.

So far in the Blackhawks vs. Wild series, the home team has won every game. If that scenario continues unabated, it’ll work out fine for the Blackhawks. They can afford to lose tonight as long as they win game 7 – that’s the beauty of working hard during the regular season and winning home ice advantage.

Still, don’t expect the Blackhawks to give the Wild a pass just because they’re playing in front of a raucous Minnesota crowd. Chicago has been nigh unto unstoppable in recent years when they’ve had the chance to close out a playoff series. According to a Yahoo! Sports report, the team has gone 11-2 in games when they had a chance to win the series since 2009, when stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews joined the club.

Blackhawks left winger Bryan Bickell, who sits tied for the lead with six goals in the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs, had this to say coming into tonight’s Wild vs. Blackhawks game 6:

“To do exactly whatever it takes is one of the hardest things in any series, to clinch it. But I feel we have the confidence and the poise and the relaxation that we don’t get ahead of ourselves and just play shift by shift.”

On the other side of the ice, according to an AP report, Minnesota Wild star Zack Parise had this to say headed out of game 5 and into the sixth game of the Blackhawks vs Wild series at home:

“We just need a better effort. Not that it was terrible. I mean, we had our chance to win at the end of the game. We did some things really well. But I think we can be better, and we know we can be better.”

Don’t miss game six of what has turned into a more exciting Blackhawks vs. Wild series than anyone could have imagined. You can watch the Wild vs. Blackhawks game 6 streaming online live for free by clicking here.