Teen Graduates From High School And College In The Same Week

A Florida teen graduated from high school and college in the same week. Grace Bush, age 16, attended Florida Atlantic University High School, where she earned credits for her high school diploma and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. School officials said Grace is the youngest student to complete the combined program.

Grace said she will continue her education at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. She will begin a masters program this fall. After obtaining a master's degree in public administration, she plans to attend law school.

FAU President John Kelly applauds Grace's hard work and determination. He said her accomplishments are an inspiration, as she has proven that "regardless of age, if you've got the abilities you should be allowed to accomplish your full potential."

Grace's mother, Gisla Bush, said she is proud that her daughter graduated from high school and college within the same week. However, she is not surprised. As reported by ABC News, Gisla has spent years home schooling her nine children.

Gisla said Grace often learned more advanced lessons as she worked alongside her older sisters. Grace said she was simply following in her older sisters' footsteps. Although she said the hard work felt "normal" to her, she is ready to move on to graduate school.

Grace acknowledges that she has spent a lot of time studying. However, she would not change a thing:

"Yes, I will miss out on most things that a lot of kids are going through. There are things that I am going to miss out on and I am missing out on, but you kind of just need to suck it up and take is as it comes... I'm thankful that my parents came up with this process... I've been able to excel in other ways that other kids have not been able to."
As reported by Newsday, Grace's ultimate goal is to become Chief Justice of the United States. She is specifically interested in working with disadvantaged youths. She said she is "interested in the juvenile area" because she wants to "keep as many kids out of the system as possible."

In addition to graduating from high school and college within the same week, Grace maintained a grade point average of 3.86.

Gisla said she is confident in her daughter's future. She delighted that Grace earned her high school and college diplomas before she turned 17.

[Image via Timeinc]