XboxAB A Xbox One Virtual Reality Headset Or Augmented Reality Glasses Like Oculus Rift Or Project Morpheus?

Could the XboxAB domain names purchased recently by Microsoft indicate that a Xbox One virtual reality headset may be on the horizon in order to compete with Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, an Oculus Rift prank video shows one gamer freaking out when his “friend” decided to add to the simulation effect. But what’s not so funny is the allegation by Zenimax that John Carmack stole the VR technology from them.

During a recent interview with Fortune, Phil Spencer had this to say about a potential Xbox One virtual reality headset:

“Virtual Reality is a really interesting area, especially for games, and while it seems like it’s been ‘just over horizon’ for the last 20 years or so, I think we could finally start seeing it prove out soon for both gamers and developers…. Exclusive games will continue to play a major role for Xbox in the new console generation, just as they have in previous generations. This E3 is important for us to show gamers our future plans for exclusives and third-party support.”

So the assumption is that the “AB” in may stand for “augmented body,” although when IGN about the domain names a Microsoft spokesperson replied, “[Microsoft] often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that, we have no comment.” But it’s not like rumors about Xbox One augmented reality glasses are new. Back in the fall of 2013, this is what we knew about the subject:

“Now the Xbox One augmented reality glasses have been in the works since before the Xbox One was revealed, but a recent leak of the patent for said peripheral has raised rumors that it may be Microsoft’s answer to everyone else’s portable gaming plans…. The patent sketches suggest a multiplayer scenario where the glasses use facial recognition to interact with other players as the group plays various sports games outside.”

Of course, if we are going to speculate it is possible that Xbox AB may have nothing to do with a game or virtual reality at all. As of this moment there are not many games that take advantage of the Kinect 2.0 so it’s possible the AB may be closer to abs, with Microsoft hoping to pull a Nintendo by attempting to break into the health and exercise market by producing a comprehensive suite of exercise tools connected to your Xbox One.

What do you think Xbox AB may stand for?