Xbox One Augmented Reality Glasses Could Be Next

Xbox One augmented reality glasses could be next on Microsoft’s docket.

Seeing as every other major console out there is embracing the idea of mobile gaming, Microsoft could be taking a different approach to the same thing. After the invention of Google Glass, it was probably inevitable that a console developer would take the idea of augmented reality games and run with it.

Microsoft is most likely hoping that you don’t get flashbacks of the Virtual Boy when they possibly reveal Xbox One augmented reality glasses. This peripheral, taking a page from Oculus Rift and Google Glass, could also be the closest thing Microsoft has to a dedicated Xbox One headset. The Xbox 360 wireless headset adapter has been planned as a solution to the gamer demand for a headset, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Now the Xbox One augmented reality glasses have been in the works since before the Xbox One was revealed, but a recent leak of the patent for said peripheral has raised rumors that it may be Microsoft’s answer to everyone else’s portable gaming plans. Even the PS4 will have the PlayStation Vita as a portable solution to the next generation Sony console.

Now the question remains as to how the Xbox One augmented reality glasses would work with the console, and if it will be able to become an independent gaming peripheral for those on the go. A WiFi or strong enough 4G signal would be needed to keep it connected to the console from a distance, though there is still the restriction of the signal itself.

The Xbox One augmented reality glasses could work as an overlay for regular games, working with the Kinect to give a more physical 3D gaming experience than ever before. The patent sketches suggest a multiplayer scenario where the glasses use facial recognition to interact with other players as the group plays various sports games outside. We might actually see grown men outside playing war for the first time since childhood.

Little is known about this peripheral, and until Microsoft officially announces and gives us details on it, all we have are rumor, speculation, and leaked patent info.

What do you think the Xbox One augmented reality glasses might do for your gaming experience?

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