Elin Nordegren Pokes At Ex-Husband Tiger Woods In Graduation Speech

Elin Nordegren has graduated from Rollins College a full nine years after she first enrolled. It certainly wasn't grades that caused her to take so long to finish her schooling, considering she finished as the college's equivalent of Valedictorian.

Thanks to a 3.96 GPA she earned during her pursuit of a psychology degree, Elin Nordegren got to give the graduation speech and she used her 10 minute allotment to talk about the lessons she has learned over these last nine years. Elin Nordegren in particular managed to throw in a couple of subtle jabs at her ex-husband, Tiger Woods, without actually mentioning her name.

"When I entered my student advisor office in the fall of 2005, I was 25 years old, I had just recently moved to America, I was married without children," Elin Nordegren, now 34, told students at the Winter Park, Florida school according to the Washington Post. "Today, nine years later, I'm a proud American, and I have two beautiful children -- but I'm no longer married."

There were also a handful of other clever comments that addressed happened when it was discovered Woods had cheated on Nordegren, a model who moved to America to be with him. Elin definitely got some zingers in that had the audience laughing and applauding.

Elin Nordegren managed to work in the situation where Woods' affair was first brought to light during the 10-minute speech.

"It was right after I had taken [a class in] communications and the media that I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight -- and I probably should have taken more notes in that class." Elin Nordegren said.

Nordegren pointed out one of the things she has learned during her pursuit of the diploma was that college became the only constant in her life. The school became a place the single mother could find some relief. Elin talked about the support she was able to find on campus.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods might have had a rather acrimonious breakup but by all accounts the pair are friendly these days. Part of the reason the two can be friendly now is they have both moved on. Woods is now dating professional skier Lindsey Vonn, while Elin Nordegren is dating billionaire Chris Cline who was in the audience, along with Elin's children and father.

It seems rather clear that while her life was once a mess, Elin Nordegren has managed to turn it around in a big way.