‘Big Bang Theory’ Engagement: Will Penny & Leonard’s Engagement Cause Sheldon To Panic?

The Big Bang Theory engagement is all anyone can talk about because with just one episode left in the season, there are so many questions! After years of dating, Penny and Leonard have finally taken the next step in their relationship, and while that’s marvelous for viewers and fans of the on-screen couple, it means big changes for Sheldon Cooper.

According to The Christian Post, Sheldon is going to have a breakdown of sorts on the season finale of the show which airs on Thursday. It’s unknown if Sheldon’s breakdown is a reaction to the news of Penny and Leonard’s engagement or what exactly is going to happen, but it sounds like the season will end in a cliffhanger.

The Big Bang Theory engagement means just as much to Penny and Leonard as it does to Sheldon since Leonard is Sheldon’s roommate. Naturally this engagement means that Leonard will be moving in with Penny — at some point — and that will leave Sheldon without a roommate. While you might think that Sheldon has some clear frontrunners in the roommate pool (such as his girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler, or his pal Raj Koothrappali), it’s not going to be that easy for him to deal with losing his best friend — even if it’s only as a roommate.

According to TVLine.com, actor Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon) doesn’t know exactly what is going to become of Sheldon after season 7.

Parsons explained:

“He gets the hell out of there and I have no idea where he’s going or what he’s planning. I won’t know until I come back and read the first episode [of Season 8].”

The Big Bang Theory engagement will undoubtedly shake things up, but everything will likely shake out once Sheldon is able to accept the fact that Leonard isn’t really leaving his life — just his apartment. Sheldon is very bright, and while it’s going to take him a little time to process everything, he will come around. The show is a comedy after all.

Jim Parsons was really excited to develop his character in this way. Of the final episode he says:

“All the [personal and professional] changes that are taking place finally start to come home to roost for him as problems. It was very interesting to read it for the first time and then to play the final episode because it really gets at the crux of something that is perhaps his defining characteristic as a character on television — which is his resistance to change. If you look at it through that lens, so many of the things he does, the things he says, the places he sits, etc, have everything to do with the fact that this is the way it’s done, this is the right way to do it and this has served him fairly well as a human. They’ve got him in a situation now, the writers do, where it’s not possible to carry on without some of these changes.”

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