WWE News: Batista Lied To By WWE, Considered Leaving For Good

WWE Superstar Batista may not be as much of a bad guy as people think. According to sources within the WWE, the former World Champion has been misled and lied to since he came back to the WWE and he is not happy about it. The same sources claim that the entire reason he is leaving for his promotional tour so quickly is because of the lies, and that alone.

A prominent story that it seems the WWE started is that Dave was mad about potentially jobbing to Daniel Bryan. We can now confirm that it seems the WWE put it out there themselves to throw the scent off of their own problems in regards to Batista. There is no word on the promises the WWE made to Batista, but he has a real beef here. Sources say everything is twisted in regards to Batista.

A main source says the following in regards to “The Animal”:

“WWE wants that story out, but it’s all twisted. (Batista) would do five jobs for Bryan. They’ve f—ed him in money, booking, broken promises (relating to his) schedule, and promoting his (outside projects). Had that not happened, he would be around until late June, but because Vince (McMahon) f—ed him, he’s not, so they dragged Daniel Bryan into this to vilify Batista. Daniel is beloved and a martyr so he benefits, but it has nothing to do with jobbing. They’ve twisted. It’s classic Vince. Look at Ultimate Warrior and SummerSlam, Bret Hart in Montreal. (Vince) puts out his narrative. There are always two sides.”

The WWE has never really had a lot of stories on lying to talent about payment as they can afford most things that they want. So the most shocking part of this report is not the fact that they lied about booking or had a few broken promises. Rather, the fact that they lied to him or messed up his contract from a financial stand point.

It is said that Vince McMahon is heavily involved in trying to work things out with Batista.

Obviously we know now that WWE had planned to bring him in and have him win the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 30. Those plans changed by having Daniel Bryan win the title instead, to the fan’s delight. However, if the WWE promised Batista the title as an incentive to come back and he came back for it and they didn’t give it to him, I could see his issue.

Sure, many fans did not want to see him as champion. I am one of those people. The issue is, if you were promised something before you signed a contract and then you didn’t get it when you did, you could see how Batista would be offended by that. I don’t think Batista was angry about that as he could see WWE was forced to make this decision, despite the idiocy of management to see it beforehand.

Batista obviously is offended by multiple things, and the WWE has never really done this to him so I could see why he is both surprised and upset by it and happy to take a break.

The current plan is still to have Dave take time off after WWE Payback, but he could surprise us and stay until the end of June as he originally wanted to. That is if WWE can fix whatever issues they have with him. If they do not, then Batista has every right to be upset with the WWE and want to leave.

Returning might even be in doubt as Batista has considered “pulling a CM Punk” according to some sources, which is sad as Batista is a great superstar. He simply came into a bad situation in January and now even the fans are having issues with him. That can be a lot for anyone to take.