Prison: 90 Years Required Of Rene Lima-Marin, Family Says He’s Rehabilitated

In one Colorado prison, 90 years is considered the only appropriate sentence for a man who was accidentally released from prison too early due to a clerical error. But should Rene Lima-Marin be forced to suffer 90 years in prison after he has already been rehabilitated as his family claims?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Rick Orman, an Arapahoe County senior deputy district attorney, believes that Rene belongs in prison and 90 years should be required:

“He should go back because the law requires the sentence he received. This was a number of very serious criminal offenses, and anything less would be inappropriate. He should not be able to escape the minimum sentence due to a clerical error.”

Back in 2000, Rene committed the crime of armed robbery and the judge in the case sentenced him to back-to-back sentences on eight convictions. This result in a prison sentence of 98 years, but a court clerk accidentally wrote down that they could be served at the same time, which reduced the maximum time in prison to 16 years. But in 2008 Rene was apparently released early on good behavior an completed five years of parole with no incidents. Since then Lima-Marin become married, found a job as a construction worker, and even serves as a soccer coach and with his church.

Rene’s wife Jasmine, who is now alone with two young children, tells how the family was devastated when the Department Of Corrections came to arrest him again:

“By far, the worst day of my life and it hasn’t gotten any better since then. For sure there had to be some kind of mistake. He looked out the window and he said, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe it.’ [The police officer] told my husband to go ahead and give your wife a hug and your boys a hug. We woke up the boys and he gave them a hug and a kiss goodbye. That was it. It’s wrong because he’s changed. He changed his life for the better, when he got out. His number one goal was never to go back there. Murderers don’t even get 98 years. I think it’s ridiculous.”

But Rick Orman alleges that could have asked for a reduced sentence but didn’t because the man supposedly knew a clerical mistake had been made:

“He decided to start a family. He decided to get married with this hanging over his head. And that’s what happened. It finally crashed down on his head.”

Jasmine denies this is the case, saying that Rene would have told her if he knew his being free of the prison’s 90-year sentence had been a mistake. Now she’s just hoping the courts will honor the purpose of prison, and free her husband, but she fears this may not be the case:

“All the memories I have of us here are in pictures or in my head. We know there’s a chance we may not have any more time together with him being a free man ever again.”

Still, while Orman is doubtful the prison’s 90 year sentence will be commuted by the courts, it’s possible the governor of Colorado could overrule the courts in this case with an offer of clemency.

Do you think Rene Lima-Marin should serve 90 more years in prison even if he has been successfully rehabilitated?