Melissa McCarthy Movie Trailer For Tammy Released [Video]

Melissa McCarthy has been flying high since the end of Gilmore Girls some seven years ago. Her new movie Tammy -- which is slated to open July 4 weekend -- looks like it may be another hit for the Melissa McCarthy camp! Tammy has all the obligatory necessities of a summer hit. Fireworks, jet skis, and even a fast food restaurant robbery.

In the trailer for Tammy, Melissa McCarthy is seen dancing to "Gangster's Paradise" as she prepares to stick up the fast food restaurant. The funny woman seems to be in her element in the trailer, and if it's like any other Melissa McCarthy movie, she's going to put it all out there on the silver screen for her fans.

The film pairs Melissa McCarthy with Susan Sarandon, not typically known for her comedic style, but certainly has the talent to fill any role! Tammy is bound to be full of surprises, and with this odd couple pairing, we are sure we will not be disappointed.

One of the scenes in the film finds Melissa McCarthy's character Tammy robbing the fast food restaurant not for money, but for pies. "The good pies," she says. Tammy is obviously a rookie at the armed crook thing.

Tammy and her grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon, actually return to the scene of the crime, hoping to "un-rob" it by returning the money. The restaurant employee quickly closes up shop and yells, "Oh my God, there's two of them. We're gonna need more pies."

Melissa McCarthy is Hollywood's "it" woman when it comes to comedic roles. She embraces the art of comedy in every character she portrays, transcending the limits of the silver screen. It's no secret that McCarthy is not the "ideal" Hollywood starlet. However, her confidence and her ability has led her to be a champion of body image experts and those who are struggling with their own body image.

Late last year, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson -- another funny girl with immense talent who has non-twig like features -- made a pact to not lose weight, which was a notion that was echoed by confidence coaches across the world. Without saying so directly, you get the feeling that Melissa McCarthy believes that beauty comes from within and that if you love and believe in yourself, you can overcome anything and do anything that you want to do.

The beauty of movies starring Melissa McCarthy is that they're funny, but not girl funny. She appeals to guys and gals, young and old. Her slapstick style, the ability to deliver a joke, and the confidence in her ability all make Melissa McCarthy an industry-changing figure.