Listen: Ed Sheeran’s Song Off The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack

British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has released an original song for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie The Fault In Our Stars, based on the novel by John Green of the same title. Sheeran’s uplifting yet heartbreaking song “All Of The Stars” seems to be inspired by the events in the film, but not necessarily based on them. There are a few possible references to The Fault In Our Stars, such as the mention of Amsterdam and the metaphor of stars, but otherwise it’s the tone of the song that mirrors John Green’s powerfully emotional young adult novel. The song is a stirring acoustic ballad about love and loss.

Sheeran’s music video for the song features a montage of encouraging messages on bulletin boards and posters, delivering an optimistic take on love. These life-affirming notes are integrated with occasional shots of The Fault In Our Stars fan art and even some footage from the film. The video ultimately ends with a glimpse of Ed Sheeran himself looking contemplative on a couch.

“All Of The Stars” is the soundtrack’s go-to single, but lots of other artists appear on the album. Here is the official track list:

1. Ed Sheeran – “All Of The Stars”
2. ake Bugg – “Simple As This”
3. Grouplove – “Let Me In”
4. Birdy & Jaymes Young – “Best Shot”
5. Kodaline – “All I Want”
6. Tom Odell – “Long Way Down”
7. Charli XCX – “Boom Clap”
8. STRFKR – “While I’m Alive”
9. Indians – “Oblivion”
10. The Radio Dept. – “Strange Things Will Happen”
11. Afasi & Filthy – “Bomfallarella”
12. Ray LaMontagne – “Without Words”
13. Birdy – “Not About Angels”
14. Lykke Li – “No One Ever Loved”
15. M83 – “Wait”
16. Birdy – “Tee Shirt”

Sheeran’s new song is a return to a more acoustic style he was previously known for. claims Ed was heavily influenced by Pharrell to produce funkier sounding music recently, particularly in his single “Sing.” It wouldn’t be the first time Sheeran was influenced by a pop superstar. Either way, Ed’s fans will surely be pleased to hear him returning to his sentimental roots.

MTV reports that Ed Sheeran will be releasing his second full length album titled X on June 23 and will include “Sing.” MTV will also debut Sheeran’s documentary “9 Days and Nights” on June 10, 11 pm ET/PT.

The Fault In Our Stars film opens on June 6 in theaters everywhere. The movie tells the story of two teenage cancer patients who fall in love. The novel the script is based on was written by YouTube personality John Green of the vlogbrothers channel. John is obviously pleased with Ed’s song. He shared it on Facebook earlier today, referring to the track as an “awesome new song.”

What do you think? Does the song belong on The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack?