A Cassette Tape And ‘Miscellaneous Papers’ Prompt Lockdown At The White House

The White House went into lockdown mode on Thursday after two separate incidents involving a cassette tape and pieces of paper.

According to a report from The Washington Post, Secret Service officials say the lockdown went into effect just before 3 p.m. after a cassette tape was thrown over the north fence line.

Evan J. Graham, the man responsible for throwing the cassette tape, was being questioned by authorities when he began complaining about a medical condition. The Secret Service issued a statement saying he was taken to George Washington University Hospital. Once he receives medical clearance, police will transport him to a local station.

Shortly after the cassette tape was thrown over the north fence line, papers were thrown by someone over the south fence line. Von Greenbrier Lerriche was identified as the man responsible for the second incident.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said the cassette tape and the papers came “in very close proximity,” but it is undetermined if Graham and Lerriche were working together.

The lockdown lasted for about 90 minutes. The Secret Service did not disclose what was on the cassette tape or papers. Both men have been charged with “throwing objects – missles.”

President Obama was not at the White House when the lockdown took place, as he was in California for two events. One was for the USC Shoah Foundation, in which he was honored with the Ambassador for Humanity Award. The other was for a Congressional fundraiser in the San Diego area.

Obama has yet to comment on the incident involving the cassette tape and papers.

This is the second lockdown in less than a week for the White House. The first came on Tuesday when a vehicle followed the motorcade carrying President Obama’s daughters through the gates. The driver of the vehicle was charged with unlawful entry, which is a misdemeanor, according to The Associated Press.

This latest incident involving the cassette tape and papers is the fourth time this year that the White House has had to be placed on lockdown. The first came in February, when a man carrying two bags jumped the fence, according to The Inquisitr. No one was harmed during that incident, and the name of the jumper was not released.

Another unidentified man hopped the fence back in March, according to a report from NBC News. The man was arrested shortly after that.

What do you make of this latest lockdown? Do you think the cassette tape and papers contain something?