UFO Attacks Taliban! Hoax Video Goes Viral, But Here’s The Real Story

UFO Attack hoax

A UFO attacked and blew up a Taliban camp in Afghanistan recently — and the whole incredible incident was caught on video.

Or not.

Actually, a video purporting to show exactly that became an overnight online sensation this week. In the brief clip, a triangular, hovering UFO above what appears to be a set of low buildings in a desolate area, suddenly flashes its mysterious lights and then — ka-blam! A massive explosion. The U.S. Marines who were filming this whole thing can be heard shouting in amazement. One seems to say, “What the f*** was that?”

Here’s the UFO video. Watch it and see if you’re convinced.

Internet hoaxes are not difficult to perpetrate. In most cases, you just take the name of a random celebrity and add “Dies!” There you go. An instant viral hoax.

Though it was certainly comforting to believe, even for a moment, that the aliens are on our side.

The “UFO attacks Taliban” hoax, we have to admit, is much more impressive than that, and clearly took some clever prankster a considerable length of time, creating the homemade CGI which actually looks pretty realistic — if a video of a UFO opening fire on a Taliban camp can ever be called “realistic.”

The hoax video started on the Section 51 YouTube page, which collects dozens of UFO videos — including a video of UFOs attacking U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan, so maybe they aren’t on our side after all. And who knows? Maybe some of the videos on the site are even real. Not this one, though. In fact, the “Taliban camp” isn’t even in Afghanistan. The original video was shot seven years ago, in Iraq.

From Section 51, it was picked up by the Mirror Online, the web version of England’s venerable tabloid, The Daily Mirror. Once it was on the heavily trafficked Mirror site, the video went viral from there. More than 750,000 people have now viewed the UFO destroying a “Taliban camp” since it went on line Monday.

The original video was not only shot in Iraq in 2007 and does not show any visible flying objects, unidentified or otherwise, it is actually a mirror image of the “UFO attacks Taliban” video.

The original showed the destruction wreaked by a U.S. “jet fighter” on a what was said to be a “car bomb factory” in Iraq. The video was re-posted more recently under the title “JDAM With Secondaries” on the YouTube Military Life Channel. “JDAM” stands for “Joint Direct Attack Munition,” and is essentially a conventional bomb that has been modified to act as a guided, or “smart” bomb.

In the video, a Marine describes the target as a “schoolhouse.”

Here is the original. Compare it to the “UFO attacks” video, above. So you still think this is a UFO in action?

Image: Danomyte / Shutterstock