Florida Resident Darrin Campbell Killed Wife And Two Kids Before Setting Home Ablaze

Florida Man Kills Wife And Kids Before Setting Home On Fire

Darrin Campbell, a Florida man, allegedly shot his wife and his two kids before setting their home on fire with the use of gasoline and fireworks according to a news conference Friday. According to the Seattle Times, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Col. Donna Lusczynski said at a news conference Friday that Darrin Campbell had purchased fireworks, gas cans and gasoline in the days before the family was killed.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the 6,000 square foot mansion belonged to ex-tennis start James Blake, though he was renting it out and was not involved in the disastrous event. When the fire broke out early Wednesday, there was a lot of speculation as to what exactly happened to cause the fire. The blaze took hours to extinguish, but investigators didn’t wast a minute in searching for evidence, especially after the four bodies had been discovered.

At the time of the original report by The Inquisitr, fireworks had been discovered at the scene, though investigators were unsure as to whether or not they were involved in the fire. Though investigators hadn’t ruled out foul play, it wasn’t until the bodies where found, two with upper body trauma, that investigators really started leaning towards a homicide.

The four bodies have since been identified as Darrin Campbell, his wife Kimberly, and their two teenagers Colin Campbell and Megan. According to ABC News, Campbell allegedly shot his family each in the head with a.40-caliber handgun that he bought last year. From there he doused the home in gasoline, set it ablaze and then shot himself in the head.

“This is certainly disturbing,” Lusczynski said. Police are still working to find a reason behind Campbell’s actions. Lusczynski told reporters that Campbell had no prior criminal record before his death. “Investigators are looking into the family’s finances and going through records found in the home,” Lusczynski said.

According to ABC News, Campbell had been relatively successful in his work, and had been an executive for several high-profile businesses, including a stint at PODS. “He was most recently working at a records management firm and volunteering as treasurer at his children’s private school.” According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, VASTEC identified Campbell saying he was the company’s chief operating officer.

“On behalf of all in our organization, we are greatly saddened to learn the news regarding the Campbell family. This is a difficult time for all involved and we are trying to cope with this information. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to friends and family members during this time of grief,” said VASTEC in a statement.

Stay with The Inquisitr as more details unfold in the case of Darrin Campbell and his alleged murder-suicide.

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