Brazilian Man Accused of Raping Three-Year-Old Girl: Guess What Happened When Vigilantes Tracked Him Down

In most cases, when a person is accused of committing a heinous crime such as the rape of a child, they’re usually arrested, slapped with charges and thrown into a jail cell. However, one Brazilian man suffered much more for his alleged actions. As a matter of fact, he probably would have fared much better being thrown into jail.

According to the New York Daily News, several vigilantes opted to take matters into their own hands when Francisco de Souza de Castro was suspected of raping a three-year-old girl. Over the past weekend, the 66-year-old man suffered major injuries in a “brutal revenge attack” that took place in Severina, São Paulo. He reportedly had three fingers cut off one of his hands, but that’s not the worst part. His penis was also severed during the gruesome attack.

The Civil Police of Sevenoaks, reported that Castro had been “conscious” throughout the attack. He was rushed to the Santa Casa de Barretos hospital for treatment. Doctors made an effort to re-attach Castro’s genitals, but were unsuccessful. They also made an attempt to reattach his fingers, but to no avail.

On Sunday, May 4, the little girl had visited a farm in Sevenoaks with her grandparents. Castro was employed at the farm, and was working at the time of the alleged incident. When the little girl arrived home later that night, her mother reportedly noticed signs that her daughter had been raped.

Police Chief Marcelo Pupo and Sevenoaks delegate woman, Maria Tereza Vendramel, were also confirmed that the child had been raped. However, the police department has not yet received the forensic test results to confirm whether or not Castro is responsible.

Police officials have not identified who carried out Castro’s attack, but local news reports suspect that the vigilantes were close relatives of the young girl. Since he was conscious throughout the agonizing attack, police are hoping that he’ll be able to identify his attackers.

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