Are Harry Styles’ Tattoos An Insult To Ink?

Harry Styles may have started his boy-band career looking like an angelic extra in Oliver Twist, but these days Styles more closely resembles a teenager who has suddenly overdosed on a Sons of Anarchy box-set and gone crazy for the ink dude!

The tattooed beat messiah who goes by the name of Harry Styles has had a lot of tattoos in a short space of time. And if you were being unkind to poor Harry, you’d also add, none of them are very good sir.

In fact some commentators have called Harry Styles’s tats, “god-awful.”

Like boy-bands, tattoos are more popular than ever, but armed with his growing collection of tats, Styles is beginning to resemble something of a painted lady from an old world freak show.

When done right, tattoos can be an artistic expression of something which is both literal, symbolic, universal, personal and complicated. When done badly, they can make you look a bit of a clown.

Take Harry Styles for instance. On his chest he has a massive butterfly, which from a distance could easily be mistaken for a crudely drawn moth.

According to Inked, the butterfly tattoo “Symbolizes a metamorphosis, change, rebirth and beauty. In Japanese tradition the butterfly is seen as the representation of someone’s soul.”

Now it’s not certain if Harry Styles picked this particular tattoo because he wanted an insect to represent his soul, and if he did, who the hell are we to judge?

Moving on swiftly, unlike those two swallows that sit pride of place on Styles’s shoulders, Harry’s latest inkings include a pair of two branches on his hips. Now while Styles may be a fan of foliage and the fruits of mother nature, was it wise of Harry to try and look like a human tree?

Although only 20, Harry Styles has already said how much he regrets some of the ink he has stained himself with in the past.

When you boast a collection of tattoos which include a padlock, a 99p sign, squiggles, and wait for it, an anchor, it’s fair to say that in the cold light of day, going under the needle may not have been such a great idea.

Yet Harry Styles just can’t seem to quit his addiction to the ink. Just two months ago Styles unveiled a tattoo of a heart, but not just any old heart. Harry already has cartoon heart but Styles’s new heart is a graphic inking of an anatomical heart, complete with valves, aortas, ventricles and all.

Harry Styles previously said: “We’re always on the road but my heart is at home.” And so too it appears is your taste young master Styles.