Hooters Waitress Lost 128lbs To Land Job At Restaurant After Being Told She Was Too Fat To Work There

An overweight mother-of-three was so embarrassed by a nasty comment about her size she received while wearing a Hooters t-shirt that she lost 128lbs and then got a job at the restaurant chain.

Cearra Swetman, who hails from Florida, has relived her tale to Fox 4, and she admitted that she made the life changing decision after she was verbally accosted by a drunk man.

The intoxicated individual spotted that she was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo for Hooters — which is renowned for its attractive waitresses — and then proclaimed that she wasn’t trim enough to wear such a garment.

Swetman noted that he declared, “You don’t look like any Hooters girl I’ve ever seen.” Because of this remark she decided that her goal would be to become a Hooters girl, and she then set about making some drastic changes to her look. Swetman, who at the time weighed close to 250lbs, decided to adjust her diet and started to exercise regularly.

Now, just under a year later, the married business undergraduate student has shed 128lbs, and she admitted that it has both “changed [her] body and changed [her] life.” She has also used her weight loss to acquire a job at the restaurant that inadvertently started her pursuit to be slender, where she now works on a part-time basis.

Discussing her transformation, Swetman explained, “I think it’s about your mind-set and your goal. And I had a goal in mind, [which was] to have that physique, that figure.”

Swetman, who works at the Hooters in Fort Myers, admitted that before she was hired, and back when she weighed 130lbs extra, she “didn’t feel like a young woman.” She added, “I didn’t feel attractive, I just felt out of shape and didn’t feel good about myself.”

Despite the callousness of the man’s comment about her, Swetman remains philosophical about them and is actually happy that he said what he did because it helped to change her. “You have to be careful about what you say to people. But at the same time it wasn’t really so bad, maybe it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and it finally made me realise, ‘OK I’ve got to do something, ” she explained.

Swetman’s advice to others who want to lose weight is simple, “Don’t give up. If you just keep that goal in mind and take small steps you will get there one day.”