‘Need For Speed 2015’ To Be ‘Dramatically Different’, Says Developer

Need for Speed 2015 will be a very different game, according to developer Ghost Games. Apparently the lack of interest in recent titles in the series is making the EA Games developer rethink the way they update the game. As the memories of the Need for Speed movie fade, they have discovered Rivals to be an unsuccessful first entry to the new generation.

Many gamers claim that EA Games’ flagship racing series peaked with NFS Underground 2 and NFS: Hot Pursuit, and nothing else has been any fun. The reasons stated for the former are that they crave the open world gameplay and massive amounts of customization. The latter followed the simple formula of cops and robbers, giving us a dose of both sides of the classic battle. Apparently NFS Rivals was focusing too much on the graphics and not enough on what brings gamers back time after time.

In order for Ghost Games to make Need for Speed 2015 the best game they can, they decided to go to the source. They’re asking the gamers themselves what they want. EA executive producer Marcus Nilsson is doing the same thing as with every other franchise for now, asking consumers what they want. With the feedback, hopefully he can help redefine what the “Need for Speed experience” really is for EA Games.

According to gaming news over the last couple of years, it’s about time they started doing this. Electronic Arts has seemingly come a long way from their days of banning gamers just for complaining about the last SimCity. The eventually open beta of Titanfall was another positive direction for the company, leading to one of their most successful games probably in years.

Marcus Nilsson has stated:

“We need to help define for [fans] what the Need for Speed experience is, and they can help us define what that experience is. Then we can stay true to what that experience is. That definitely is part of the reason we’re going to do things quite dramatically different to the Need for Speed brand.”

They are also aware that they’re going to need time to develop the best game possible, having no plans to release a Need for Speed title until 2015. Perhaps in the meantime they could make some ports of slightly older games for Wii U and help Nintendo a little bit? Also they could keep working on making their servers usable when new games launch.

What would you like to see in Need for Speed 2015?