Amanda Knox Alibi Challenged By Newly Released Surveillance Footage

Amanda Knox has seen her alibi come into question after an Italian investigative program released a video showing a woman who appears to be Knox walking near her apartment on the night Meredith Kercher was murdered.

Knox was convicted in an Italian court of killing her roommate Kercher in 2007. Knox had claimed that on the night of the murder she was at the house of her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, but the video could prove that alibi to be false.

Footage released by the Italian investigative program Quarto Grado shows a woman who resembles Amanda Knox walking in a parking lot near her home around the time that Kercher was murdered. The woman was seen wearing jeans and a long coat in the same style that Knox was seen wearing in the wake of Kercher’s murder, and the woman’s walk was also similar to Knox’s.

If the video is legitimate, it could shatter the alibi Amanda Knox presented to the court, said Latza Nadeau, an expert on the case. But Nadeau noted that the video is difficult to prove.

“If the prosecution shows someone like Amanda Knox walking away from the crime scene it’s not helpful,” Nadeau said. “For the defense, if there is a video of her anywhere near the house it’s not helpful to them because her alibi is that she was at Raffaele’s house.”

Knox was released in 2011, but convicted in January in a re-trial. She faces 28 ½ years in Italian prison, but has vowed to fight extradition to Italy if a court does not overturn the verdict.

Last week a judge released details of Knox’s conviction, saying that Kercher was stabbed with two knives, with Knox delivering the fatal wound.

It is unclear if the revelation about Amanda Knox’s alibi will have any bearing on the appeal of her murder conviction.

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