Paris Buys Herself a Barbie Car for Christmas

Paris Hilton in her quest to become the ultimate brainless Barbie has bought herself a new Bentley, a pink one. Just like Barbie, And she has also pinked out the interior. Its revolting.

Paris, who is dressed all in pink, talks to E! about her favorite color and just how much she loves the Disney store, cause you know that and Barbie are her inspiration for the Pink Bentley, and cause you know its Christmas.

Paris also confirmed her holiday plans, skiing in Aspen and confirmed that she will go to Australia to host a New Year’s eve party. Her new BFF, Brittany Flickinger is invited. The reporter in the video gets excited and asks Paris if she is going to teach the new BFF how to ski, Paris says “oh no she isn’t coming to Aspen. She is going to Australia.”